Daniel Nye


 Daniel Nye was born in : Marina Di Lucas , near Barry , Italy ,

 to a Polish Mother & Greek Father, who's also noted musician

 As  an accomplished performer in many aspects of the entertainment industry,

 Daniel Nye has appeared throughout Manhattans as lounge performer

 in such noteworthy venues in NY as The Stork Club, The Rainbow Room, Blueprint, Danny

 Straddle's, Sirocco, La Camellia, Giordano's, Nickels and Splash in Malibu.

 In addition Daniel Nye also perfumed at lounges in Florida, Texas & Atlanta.

 And for the last 20 years at Bruno's restaurant on East 58th Street in Manhattan.

 As of 2008 the name changed to Club A Steak House.

 As a stage performer, audiences have follow Daniel Nye for 35 years.

 Daniel Nye had found a new home in his city "Manhattan" for his audiences.

 Back to the italian european atmosphere combining his international repertoire with excellent italian food at:

 "Padre & Figlio" (Father and Son), 212-286-4310

 310 East 44th Street, between 1st and 2nd avenue

 New York, NY 10017-4422

 On Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

 Daniel's list of songs includes:

 Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett.

 Pop singers from The Rat Pack to Broadway Shows.

 From Cole Porter to Elton John, Johnny Mercer to Lionel  Ritchie & many more.

 His repertoire is rich with Italian & Napolitans songs.

 From Jerry Vale to Peppino Di Capri, Jimmy Roselle, Adriano Celentano,

 Toto Cutungo, and the list doesn't end there.

 In his Spanish segment you can hear songs from the repertoire of Julio Iglesias

 to Luis Miguel. Old & new favorites in French, Greek, & other languages.





 "...Bravo: singer, pianist Daniel Nye a hit..."            

                                                             EARL WILSON     New York Post

 "...Nye is a pleasant singer with ability to handle ballads and rhythm tunes.

     He seems to have an unlimited catalog that roams from pop eras to ballads...

      A knowledge of languages gives him an even wider scope..."

                                                             JOSE     Variety

  "..Singer-pianist Daniel Nye is a mini-UN, offering songs in seven languages..."

                                                            WALTER KANER     Daily News

 "...Vocally Nye is from the Frank Sinatra / Tony Bennett school,

     and he presents a multilingual array..."

                                                            MARK BEGO       Que Magazine

 "...Pianist-singer Daniel Nye at the Baby Grand.

     He plays a pop piano that has an engaging personality...

     and sings romantic and Latin ballads in a Bennett-Sinatra mode with a mellow baritone..."

                                                           RON COHEN/NIGHT LIFE   Women's Wear Daily

 "...Daniel has the right selection and mixtures of tunes..."

                                                           STAN MARTIN    The Woman's Tribune

 "...Danny Nye plays the piano & when he sings, he sound like Steve Lawrence...

      He's at his best when playing his interpretive notion of "Tonight" & "The Man I Love",,,"

                                                           BOB WEINER     The Soho Weekly News

 "...Vocalist Daniel Nye does a variety of contemporary tunes and some oldies.

     His performance is artful and he possesses a gifted voice..."

                                                          FREDERIC BERLINER     T.G.I.F

 "...People are staying up to hear Daniel Nye sing in seven languages..."


                                                          LIZ SMITH     Daily News


 "...Daniel Nye highlights an intercontinental repertoire of songs with a sophisticated Italian accent.

     Nye, fluent in Italian, French, Spanish, Greek and English, inherited his talent from his father,

     who at one time was a bandleader..."


                                                          ADAM PLATT      New York Magazine


 "...Has an exciting nightlife with piano player Danny Nye taking the stage to belt out popular

     Frank Sinatra, Cole Porter, Julio Iglesias, & Andrea Bocelli tunes..."


                                                          SHARON  Y.  QUINN   New York Magazine


 "...Bruno houses an elegant & popular piano bar where Danny Nye, one of New York's best-known

     singer / pianists, performs..."


                               MICHAEL KELLY TUCKER   Where New York


 "...At 9 P.M. piano player Danny Nye takes the stage. Danny's lusty voice convincingly sounds like the

     singers he covers, be it Julio Iglesias, Tony Bennett or Andrea Bocelli.

     He'll slide a into Cole Porter tune or croon a Frank Sinatra number.

     Counted among his many fans are Robert DeNiro, Paul Anka and Donald Trump..."


                                                           SHARON  Y.  QUINN     New York Magazine


 "...After dinner, move to the front lounge to hear a genuinely funny and tremendously talente Danny Nye.

     Danny sings in many languages with a wide-ranging repertoire  If you're like us, you  probably have

     such a good time that you won't leave until closing time..."


                                                           IRVINA  LEW       New York Nightlife






  His latest double CD name "Invitation"  "An evening with Daniel Nye"

  Was released in Feb. of  2008. It covers wide variety of songs that reflects his show nightly.



   Daniel appeared on a radio talk show, including late night TV talk shows.




                                  "THE MAN WHO WARNED AMERICA"

                                       The life and death of John O'Neal,


  By the author  MURRAY WEISS  Award-winning Investigative Journalist.

  As the story goes it mentions the love and appreciation of Mr. O'Neal

  who used to come and listen to Daniel performing nightly, and singing

  his favorite songs: Danny Boy & Phantom of the opera.

  Daniel Nye is mention several times through out the book as his friend & his

  favorite singer / piano player.